“The luckiest discovery my husband and I found during our wedding planning was Erin.  From the very first meeting she was beyond professional; she is passionate about her work, and it was abundantly clear that wants to give the bride and groom the best experience possible.  I was blown away by her portfolio and we hired her without even meeting any other photographers.  During our consultations she was always so lovely and helpful.  I was completely confident that our photographs were going to be wonderful and I could relax about that – which is very important to a stressed-out bride!  On our wedding day, she arrived early and made our family members and wedding party completely comfortable with her delightful personality and warmth.

We had the majority of our pictures taken after the ceremony.  I can honestly say it was one of the most joyous parts of our wedding.  Erin thoroughly worked her way through our multiple shot requests, but she was always relaxed.  Then my husband and I had a private photo shoot on the beach during the sunset, and Erin really had a chance to show off her photographer’s chops.  She made us feel like movie stars and it was so much fun.

When I first saw the photographs, I was overwhelmed.  I couldn’t believe the beauty and the artistry of them.  But besides the visual beauty, Erin had managed to so completely capture every moment of our wedding;  the joy, the emotion, the laughter, the anticipation and everything in between.  She took over six hundred photographs and I wish I could use them all in our album.  Maybe I will.

We will always be indebted to Erin for turning our special day into a visual timepiece that we will cherish always.  No doubt about it – she is the BEST! We are so lucky to have found you for our wedding – you are a treasure.”

 ~ Beth Seriff

“Not only does she capture the image, but she captures the emotion as well.”

~ Beth’s Mom


"There is nothing so impressive as seeing a wedding photographer who is actually an artist. That's Erin."

~ John Bryant


 "There aren't enough words to explain how amazing Erin is! Not just as a photographer but as a person, it was an amazing experience working with her from the first consultation meeting, to our engagement, to the wedding itself! We really wanted to find someone who could capture us as a couple, and not just the same generic wedding photos and poses you see these days, and Erin completely blew us away. Everyone who has seen our wedding photos has commented on how she captured our personalities. Going through the photos now, they take me right back to the day and I get butterflies all over again, that's how perfectly she captured each moment. I can't say enough about how lovely Erin is as well - she has such a sweet, warm, funny demeanor and made us feel completely at ease in front of the camera (which is really saying something because my husband and I are so awkward). I can't get over how great this experience was, how breathtaking the photos are, and how wonderful it was to have someone as lovely as Erin with us on our big day!"

~ Nicole Pirshafiey


“I can’t say enough great things about Erin. I found her somewhat at the last minute, after our initial photographer fell through two months before the big day. I was searching desperately for photographers and found Erin’s work linked on the site of my makeup artist. I couldn’t stop looking through her photos. All were ethereal – you can see the influence of her time as a Hawaiian hula dancer and photographer in every photo she takes! She was so friendly, down-to-earth, and has a true passion for her work. She is a total professional, prioritizing the memories that you value, working to capture those moments in an effortless way. Weddings transpire in just an instant for the bride and groom – we got to relive all the details through her magnificent photos. I can’t emphasize how beautiful the photos turned out – she went above and beyond her call of duty, at a very reasonable price for the number of hours she spent on the shoot! I felt so lucky to have her as a photographer on our special day. I give her my wholehearted, highest recommendation for any bride or groom wanting an excellent photographer to capture memories with heart and soul!”

~ Janani Krishnaswami


“Erin Shimazu thank you for capturing this moment of joy for our kids. You are so wonderful inside and out. I am so happy that you have came across our path in life. Seeing these pictures brings tears of joy. You will always have a special place in my heart. Luv you to pieces.”

~ Linda Zhou


“I cannot even begin to explain how incredible Erin is, but I'll give it my best shot. From the moment we first met her, we knew that she was perfect not only by her sheer talent but her fun-natured personality and professionalism. Everything from the get-go just felt so natural and comfortable. Everyone who has looked at our engagement photos and our wedding photos rave about how incredible they are and we have Erin to think for these perfect, forever-lasting memories. We loved our engagement photos so much we even had Erin make an autograph book for us out of all of them so all of our wedding guests could see them on our special day! On the day of our wedding, Erin was amazing. She made sure we got all of the pictures we wanted, with whom we wanted, which you would think would be near impossible with soooo much going on with sooo many people. Our wedding album that she made for us was of the utmost quality and she surely turns your imagination into reality. 

She was a ball to work with her, working with her will be the thing we miss most post wedding. We <3 you Erin!

Highly recommend her to everyone! You will not be disappointed and she will exceed your expectations in every way!"
~ Aida & Jason


“It was a pleasure working with Erin from the moment we met her. She’s such a warm person and so easy to work with. Erin took the time to really get to know us as a couple, understand the style of photography that we like, and go through our itinerary to ensure every moment was captured. We’re not the most creative when it comes to coming up with poses for pictures, but Erin did a great job of guiding us and our wedding party which resulted in great candid shots of our wedding party. She’s truly talented and an expert in the photojournalistic style. Every picture she took was phenomenal and I have to say there really wasn’t a wasted a shot. And if all of that wasn’t amazing enough, Erin went the extra mile to ensure that we had pictures on the helipad of our hotel with fireworks exploding in the background since our wedding was on July 4th. We didn’t even ask for her to do this. As soon as she heard the hotel had a helipad, she researched when the fireworks would start and got help from the security guard to let us up there to take pictures during our reception. She timed it perfectly! 
Overall we absolutely love our pictures and we loved working with Erin. She’s gifted, creative, and her love for her work shows through in every picture. Every bride and groom should be so lucky to have Erin as their photographer.”

 ~ Eswari Panchal


"One of the best decisions I made while planning my wedding was hiring Erin Shimazu. She just didn't take pictures during my wedding, she also helped direct the day and provided a calming presence when things went wrong - for example, while I was getting ready my dress got dragged across a dusty floor and got dirty. My mom, sister, future MIL, and bridesmaids scrambled to try and fix the problem, but in the midst of the panic, Erin kept her cool and was able to help us find a solution, get the dress clean, and keep us on schedule to meet my future husband for our first look. She had the same poise after the ceremony when we were taking family photos. My husband has a LARGE family, but she was able to corral dozens of people and made sure that ever photo that was important to us was captured; it was almost like the more chaotic things got, the calmer and kinder Erin became. 

She even took the time to scout out our venue a few days before our wedding, and found a beautiful spot nearby to take first look and bridal party photos so that we would have a couple different backgrounds in our photos instead of just the same place. And, perhaps most importantly, the photos she gave us after the wedding were spectacular! Erin has a gift for capturing incredible candid photos during the preparation, ceremony, and the reception, and she had creative ideas for interesting poses/shots of my husband and I, our bridal party, and our families, even after we had run out of ideas. She has an eye for beautiful natural lighting and takes excellent beach photos as well. She also reached out several times since then to make sure we liked the photos and to see if there was any editing she could do. Her images are beautiful and my husband and I couldn't be happier with the memories she helped us capture. Thank you so much for everything, Erin!"

~ Christiana Robbins


"We were constantly impressed with Erin and her ability to capture our personalities, love, and some amazing sunsets!  She was kind and detail oriented but not in a pushy way.  She was incredibly flexible and helpful in the suggestions she provided for all our photo shoots.  Working with her was a relaxing, enjoyable and a worry free experience which is exactly what a wedding photographer should be.  We can also say that she went WAY above and beyond in her offerings to us.  As far as her photography is concerned, Erin's photography was nothing short of spectacular.  We aren't just saying this because we were happy with how we looked in the pictures either.  She takes the time to ensure each photo, angle, color, etc. is perfect.  The detail that goes into each of the pictures was phenomenal.  Without hesitation we would recommend her to ANYONE considering or needing a wedding photographer.  She was an absolute joy to work with."

~ Kristen Stimola


“We were so lucky to find Erin and so happy we chose her to be our photographer.  She truly embodies the Aloha spirit both in her work and as a person.  Besides the fact that her work is both stunning & beautiful, she is also a wonderful human being.  She has worked with us over the years, first doing our engagement pictures, then became our wedding photographer and most recently shot our Maternity pictures!  We look forward to having the honor of her shooting our family pictures as well! She is truly a rare find and we would recommend her to anyone who is looking for that “special” photographer.”

~ Rodney & Jennifer Fodran


“If you want a good photographer, turn to the yellow pages or just Google, but if you want an excellent photographer, you found her.  Erin Shimazu has been doing work for me over the past three years, and believe me, I’m picky.  Just ask her.  She just finished a large canvas photo of my family on the beach, all fourteen of us, which was no easy task. I just love it!  She is very professional, meticulous down to the last detail, a jewel to work with and does everything in her power to please you.”

~ Dolores Ivie

“OMG the experience was amazing! They put in so much effort and made us feel so comfortable. They were flexible with schedules, very accommodating, and helpful by all means. They did a lot of extra favors and went the extra mile for us to give us the best experience. They are not only professionals in their work but amazing people to be around with, which by the way is most important on a day most memorable for us. They made sure it was a dream coming to reality."

~ Nosheen & Raja


“Erin is so good at what she does, because she is patient, caring, sweet, easy-going, fun, open-minded and talented. There is truly not enough words to describe her. She made our “Save the Date” shoot so much fun, the end results were so fantastic that we forgot how nervous we were that day. She did not care to get down and dirty, as long as we were happy and comfortable around her.

 On the day of our wedding, she was not only on time, but full of energy and enthusiasm. Erin and her assistant helped us captured every important detail that day. If you decide to go with Erin, she will not only sell you a service…
She gets to know you as a person, what you like, exchange ideas and gets personal so when the big day comes, she knows exactly what is important to you and your partner.
We started to plan our wedding a year ahead so that when our day would come, it would be perfect, but the day came and the celebration just seem like it flew by. But thanks to Erin’s work, we were able to relive our special day! Thru the photographs we can relive that day over and over and for many years to come.

 I know probably every couple says their wedding was the best, but ours was truly amazing because every moment was captured thanks to Erin. We could not recommend any other photographer, but Erin. We really hope to use her services in the future! Thank you Erin, we truly loved your work and I swear, we never looked better in any other pictures.”

~ Omar Aguirre

“My husband and I met Erin at a local Hawaiian festival and we immediately fell in love with her photography style - breathtakingly beautiful with lots of character. When we met with her to determine if we'd be a good fit for each other, we were again blown away by how kind and accommodating she was, and we were very excited to work with her.

In the short time that we had to plan our wedding, we had so many "hiccups" but she was our steady and constant source of peace. She visited our venue multiple times to ensure that she knew well our location and timing, and she worked with us to help create a schedule for the Big Day to be certain we had all the shots we hoped for - even the goofy ones we requested!

Her partner Adam was just as amazing! Together they "rolled with the punches" and all of the day-of changes... they took tons of photos of our pre-wedding preparations, ceremony, reception, bridal party, family, guests, decor details, and so much more! Plus our guests continue to comment on how nice they were, which is always nice to hear.

We couldn't be happier with the final outcome, and we would proclaim loudly our gratitude and delight for Erin's services to anyone willing to listen! Because of her, we have photos and memories to cherish of the Best. Day. Ever."

~ Heather Heleloa


"I first learned about Erin’s work while searching various websites for photographers in southern California, which is where my wedding was going to take place. I immediately gravitated towards her work as it distinguished itself from that of others in terms of a level of energy, creativity, and quality that clicked with me and husband. When I first contacted her over email, the response I got was much more extended and thoughtful than what I received from over a handful of other photographers. Over the phone, she was personable, sweet, and extremely fun to talk to. These personality traits were evident in person when we first met her to take our engagement photos during a short trip to southern California, since we live in Arizona. The worst part about our visit is that my husband and I arrived an hour late by reaching the wrong destination that our smart phone mapper guided us too. She was very patient and waited for us and never showed any sign of frustration during our photo shoot. The final photos we took that day were gorgeous and we took advantage of a number of areas of a large park that required hiking, getting dirty, and rushing around before the sun eventually set on us. Erin volunteered to meet us at the wedding venue in advance of our wedding and even went another time herself to study the venue to anticipate taking photos at the right angles and times. During the wedding, Erin and her team were very professional, easy to work with, and calmed us down as we took every shot we had discussed in advance in addition to more. The quality of our wedding photos was extremely high and we have only good things to say about Erin. We would not hesitate to call upon her for other future events or to recommend her to others."

~ Atria Sorooshian


“Erin is an extremely skilled wedding photographer with a talent for capturing the passion, love, and happiness associated with weddings. Every photograph she has taken has been an opportunity to relive the happiest day of my life. Erin is a complete professional — she arrived early and stayed late for both wedding events. She met with us before hand, worked on a shot list with us, plus she kept in touch via phone and email to ensure we had the best wedding photos possible. In addition, Erin was familiar with the customs and traditions of an Indian Wedding. There were shots she thought of (i.e. the temple, garlands, fire during pooja) that I didn’t even realize would be important to photograph.  Not only is Erin a professional and experienced photographer, she is a joy to work with. She is kind, calm, polite, and always pleasant. There were stressful moments during both events and it was quite soothing to be working with Erin and to see her smile. Not only was Erin amazing, but so was her assistant photographer Adam. Erin and Adam make a great team. Anyone who decides to work with Erin Shimazu Photography for their wedding is in for the treat and will not be disappointed.”

~ Archana B.


"We are so pleased we chose Erin to photograph our special day. We looked at so many portfolios on-line, received quotes from several photographers and narrowed it down to a few to meet with. Even before speaking with Erin, we fell in love with her photos. They were emotive and artistic, but not over-the-top; perfectly aligned with our vision for our celebration. She took time out of her schedule to personally meet with us for a consultation, listened to what memories we were hoping to capture on our special day and came up with some terrific ideas as well. She was reliable, on-time and flexible. She was also very sweet and easy to work with yet extremely confident in her abilities. The resulting photos are fantastic and there are so many! We are thrilled."

~ Monica & Chuck


“Where do I start with Erin Shimazu and her photography? I can say without a doubt that Erin Shimazu exceeded my expectations by capturing beautiful photos and providing top- notch customer service for her clients. And boy does she deliver!

My husband and I were looking for a photographer who could take a few solid couples photos in celebration of our upcoming anniversary. We weren’t looking for a whole album of photos since we already had some wedding photos and didn’t want to spend too much money on more photos. As a photographer, Erin is superb. She knows how to take beautiful, portrait-style photos and focus on the people in the photos well while also capturing gorgeous settings with beautiful lighting. Her photos online are definitely representative of her work and speak for themselves.

In addition to her awesomeness as a photographer, Erin is simply a wonderful person. She is humble, courteous, gracious, punctual, dependable, diligent, patient, responsive, and open-minded. She responds very quickly to e-mails and phone calls, and she has an ear for listening to what her clients desire instead of making the mistake many photographers do by imposing their preferences onto their clients. I was very particular about what kind of photos I wanted, and Erin was nothing but accommodating. She was super prepared the day of our photo session even carried a bag with towels and tissues just for her clients’ comfort!

Erin is also very flexible and professional. My husband and I were traveling from out of town to LA and planned what was supposed to be an hour-long session to capture a few select photos. I didn’t realize it until the photo session was over, but Erin never stopped us off at the 1 hour mark and instead I think we ended up spending closer to 2 hours from start to finish. It’s not that Erin was slow or anything; it was that she went so out of her way to take us to different spots at the site so that she could capture the best views of the scenery and sunset. Also, the day of our session, it turned out that the winds were quite strong. I was a bit concerned that our photos wouldn’t turn out well because the winds blew our hair and outfits in all different directions, but I didn’t verbalize this. However, with her huge sense of empathy and without any solicitation, Erin stepped way above and beyond. At the end of our session, she offered to meet us the next day by traveling an hour to where we were staying to try to get photos with less wind and also accommodate a second outfit change. And just as with the end of our first session, I didn’t notice until the end that we had spent nearly another 2 hours at the second session. We ended up with much more than just the few photos we were initially hoping for, and now we’re having a hard time deciding which photos to choose to enlarge since many of them turned out wonderfully. To top it all off, Erin’s rates are very reasonable compared to other SoCal photographers, and her customer service is second-to-none. Needless to say, if I’m ever back in SoCal and need professional photography, I will be calling Erin. She’s absolutely professional and personable, and I’ve already recommended her to our family in SoCal. Erin is truly a gem!”

~ C.E.


“We would like to thank you for our recent photography session. It was a great conclusion to our Valentine’s Day weekend! We were both so happy the whole time. We were literally two kids in a candy store, running on the beach, and just simply having the best day ever with you. We had so much fun! Ymmar and I both agreed that we didn’t feel pressure to pose for the camera. You let us enjoy ourselves and in doing so you captured the joy we were experiencing during the photo session. The entire photo session was an experience we will never forget. Overall, the work that you did for us was amazing. You have a good eye for photography and it shows in how you were able to capture our natural feelings of joy in each photographed moment. You exceeded our expectations. You were very professional and warm hearted. We were relaxed knowing we were in good hands having you as our photographer. Our family and friends love the photos and we can’t stop flipping through the proofs on our cell phones. Ymmar says he just loves to sit and look at the pictures : ) .”

~ Nina Johnson


“Erin gave us exactly what we were looking for, and much more. It is difficult to find a photographer who understands the look and feel of what you are hoping to capture in your photos, but with minimal explanation, we were on the same page, and she is so flexible that within days, we were already shooting!

Erin is extremely accommodating, professional, so sweet, and such a pleasure to work with! She makes you feel comfortable and calm in front of the camera. I also loved how she didn’t care about getting dirty in the sand or ocean for the sake of the ‘perfect shot.’ In my book, that is the true test of how much she is willing to do for her clients, and she does so with a smile! Will definitely be working with her again in the future!”

~ Robyn Tofukuji Tsik


“Erin is a very talented photographer who is very fun to work with! I’ve worked with her three times, in groups of 2, 10, & 25, and each time I had a very positive experience. In the planning stages, she was very accommodating and flexible with our schedules. She also encouraged us to let her know ahead of time what our vision was for the photoshoot so that she would be able to fulfill it. She made us feel very comfortable when taking pictures and was very encouraging throughout the entire process. She definitely helps you feel more relaxed if you’re nervous about being in front of the camera! Afterwards, the pictures turned out beautifully and were of very high quality. The colors and details she was able to capture were stunning. I would highly recommend her services, and I know I will definitely be hiring her again!”

~ Michelle Quan