Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Erin has always been an artist at heart.  Starting out as a very little girl drawing alongside her father at his art table, she continued to find joy in drawing and painting, and pursued it as she grew.  In college she asked to borrow his old, fully-manual Nikon F film camera, discovered photography, and fell ecstatically in love with it.  One of her dreams then became not only to be able to pursue her art, but just as importantly (if not even more so), to use it to try to touch the world in a positive way and to bring joy to others. To realize this, she started her own business as a professional photographer, and she has been shooting weddings for the past 10 years.

Erin also loves teaching and assists for private photographic workshops, as well as volunteering and shooting for the wonderful folks at Make-A-Wish (for more info on how to volunteer, please click here!). She has trained at Art Center College of Design, Otis College of Art and Design, Santa Monica College, and UCLA, and holds a bachelor's degree in Fine Art.

When she is not shooting, she still loves painting, attempting to play the guitar and her trusty 'ukulele, dancing hula, and traveling as much as she possibly can.

Other things that bring Erin an uncommon amount of joy:

- sunfish (molamola - click to learn more!) 
- just about anything from Studio Ghibli (especially the white totoro)
- a good IPA and good whiskey (lol but not necessarily together)
- dinosaurs
- dresses with pockets
- cute tiny things with faces (e.g. things like this)
- R2D2

For more about me and what we've been up to, please do visit the Instagram and Blog!

 Beep beep boop!

Beep beep boop!

A Frequently Asked Question :)

Many times I am asked what my style of photography is - which is a very good question! To me though this can be answered in a lot of different ways.

- My style has been described as photojournalistic, as I really love capturing the emotion of the moment, and do enjoy a more candid style of shooting.

- I love natural light and use it whenever I can (although I am very comfortable in shooting in many different locations & lighting situations - in the woods, at the beach, in a dimly lit ballroom, next to PacMan in an arcade, on top of a mountain, in a castle XD lol!).

- I shoot fully manually (I think this is just from learning on film :) 

These are all more technical aspects though, and after thinking about this for a long time, when it really comes down to it (although being very solid technically is super important to me and quite indispensable!!), the most important things that influence how I work are as follows:


1.) The happiness and well-being of my couples and their loved ones: not only regarding the final product of their wedding photos, but also regarding their whole experience. This has always been the number one thing that drives me ever since I started shooting, and it was a serendipitous discovery when I soon realized that when people are genuinely happy, relaxed, and comfortable it totally shows in their photos - big time! For both of these reasons it is so important to me to make them feel as at home as I can in front of the camera, and also listen to their ideas and needs (photographic and otherwise), so that together they can have the best experience we can possibly make for them. Go team :D! 

2.) Authenticity. I often tell couples that it is so important to me for them to "look like themselves" in their photos. LOL! This might sound a little odd maybe, but what I guess I really mean is that I very much want their true personalities & emotions to come through - the cool, awesome uniqueness that makes them who they are. This is true throughout the whole wedding day (not only when we are photographing their couple's shots) as I also love capturing the more quiet, intimate moments that happen very organically between them and their family and friends.  In fact, this is what keeps wedding photography so exciting and fresh for me, even after all these years. I want to tell their special and unique story.

3.) Let's have fun :) ! Yay! Because really, a wedding day should be fun :D. And because happiness means happy photos :) . Enough said hehe.

I am still very honored and humbled to be a part of all of my couples' weddings and engagements, and would love to help tell your story too :). Thank you so much for stopping by, I truly appreciate it!! 

I hope you have a most wonderful day,
~ e :) 

 "It's-a-me!! Mario!"

"It's-a-me!! Mario!"