Yay Natalie! We are "Miss November"! :D

So stoked for Natalie to have been chosen for one of the months of the Make-A-Wish America's 2017 Calendar!! She's the beautiful star ballerina in the middle :) , who totally rocked her wish btw - which was being able to perform live on a stage in front of all her family and friends!


She is totally awesome and amazing, and it was an honor to be a small part and get to meet her and watch her dance. I have always admired ballet - for a little while our halau (or hula school) shared a studio with ballerinas, and the discipline shown and the beauty of the dance made it so cool to watch. I often sneaked a peak at their practice while I was running upstairs to mine XD. 

Plus it was really neat I thought to have toe-shoes & tutus and bare-feet & lei all under the same roof :) . 

Kara (my go-to person at Make-A-Wish), you so rock too omg. Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph this special day!!!
And as I say on all of my Make-A-Wish posts, it is so humbling, and always a true joy & honor. 

~ e