Trish & Chris's "Epic After-Ceremony Wedding Walk" in Italy Complete!!!

Trish & Chris had an awesome plan.

Their plan was to get married in Italy.

Their plan was to get married and then walk all around Florence with their entire wedding party and shoot photos at so many amazing places!

When we heard their plan, we said:
“Wahaha! We Are So There!!!” :D

Erin Shimazu Photography Wedding Italy Destination Trish.JPG

So two hours of shooting later, along with 10 cups of gelato consumed, 1 carousel, 10 flights of crazy gravity-defying stairs, 1 river, 4 piazzas, & 1 ridiculous sunset, we totally smashed their plan & it came true!!
Go team go! Yay!!! :D
(This walk also happens to include the time when I stood in the middle of the road above the Arno river between many passing vespas, tourists, and cars to get the shot lol! Good times XD.

Trish & Chris, you guys are so awesome. In so many ways I can’t even fully say.

So many congratulations again and so much love,
~ e xo