Featured on Maharani Weddings and Shyamal & Bhumika :) !

We are very happy to be featured on the Maharani Weddings site today for Tina & Kunal's beautiful wedding in San Diego :D. Yay!

We were also honored to have been featured on designers Shyamal & Bhumika's Instragram feed last week! Totally check them out, they have gorgeous pieces omg:  www.shyamalbhumika.com 

Tina, you so pretty! X) 

Tina, you so pretty! X) 

Tina & Kunal and their family and friends were so wonderful to work with, and as a couple they are so sweet :) . We were all a little concerned about the weather forecast that day, which basically said it was going to rain cats and dogs lol. But let me tell you - Mother Nature could not have had better timing!

Right after the ceremony, clouds started rolling in, but we kept right on shooting, and just as I clicked the shutter for the last photo of Tina's family under the mandap, the first drop of rain fell!
LOL omg then the clouds threw down the craziest storm ever!!! Wind, lighting, the whole deal - trees blowing sideways! But by then we were all safe and warm inside the hotel :) . Score!
And after the storm blew over, it gave us this :D!

Again, thank you so much to everybody involved!! For a full list of the awesome vendors who made this wonderful wedding celebration possible (and to see the full articles!) please click on the following links :) 





Hehe and just two more of this little cutie who totally stole the show for me for a couple minutes during the ceremony :) . 

Quite frankly sometimes I feel like this too LOL.

Quite frankly sometimes I feel like this too LOL.

Much luv,
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