#1 - Jump the Arc de Triomf! Barcelona, Spain

"Jumping Awkwardly In Front of Impressive Objects Until I'm 80"

(I really think that it wouldn't be a complete blog unless I included this collection XD. Here's the first one!!)

"So. Although I don't take a lot of photos of people jumping, I started this collection a couple years back and am going to continue to do this until I'm 80 - so eventually there is going to be an 80-year-old woman jumping.
Not sure why, but that never stopped me before anyways Lol!" 

This was my first time traveling to Barcelona, and I must say I absolutely Loved it!  One of my favorite experiences was actually getting to be a total fangirl of Gaudí's work in person :D . You know how sometimes when you see something or walk into a place and there are just no words? Well, that's how it was when I walked into the Sagrada Família: 

I feel that the concepts behind his work are so cool - and really, what's not to love about a guy who not only wants to break the mold, but also conceives that the inside of a church should be like a forest? So awesome!!

You can actually climb all the way up to the roof, which was also pretty sweet. The only thing is that afterwards you have to climb down these stairs Lol:


Totally worth it though.

And dude. Barcelona, you have definitely got hot chocolate down. It's actually on a whole other level: like you can make your spoon stick up vertically in the chocolate for a couple seconds kind of level LOL. 

Thank you again, awesome city, for being amazing.