#3 - Jump the Louvre! Paris, France (and Snails!)

"Jumping Awkwardly In Front of Impressive Objects Until I'm 80"

"So. Although I don't take a lot of photos of people jumping, I started this collection a couple years back and am going to continue to do this until I'm 80 - so eventually there is going to be an 80-year-old woman jumping.
Not sure why, but that never stopped me before anyways Lol!" 

When this was taken it was my first time in Paris, and needless to say we had a most awesome time! We also visited Le Mont Saint-Michel, located in Normandy, which is a castle town on an island in the ocean. It was absolutely beautiful - I love to be anywhere by the sea really ~ it calms me down and revitalizes me anytime I feel stressed out or just need to take a breather. 

It also just so happened that we were in France for the Paris Gay Pride festival, which was a pretty awesome surprise! There was a HUGE parade and in the evening people turned the street into a gigantic dance party :) . They even wheeled large metal grills out onto the road and cooked hot dogs and crepes! This was the view in the afternoon from our hotel balcony: 


(We also ate escargot for the first time.

It was actually pretty good. Lemony, buttery, snail-y goodness lol.)
~ e