Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Erin has always been an artist at heart.  Starting out as a very little girl drawing alongside her father at his art table, she continued to pursue drawing and painting as she grew.  In college she asked to borrow his old, fully-manual Nikon F film camera, discovered photography, and fell ecstatically in love with it.  One of her dreams then became not only to be able to pursue her art, but just as importantly (if not even more so), to use it to try to touch the world in a positive way and to bring joy to others.  To realize this, she started her own business and began her life as a professional photographer. 

She and her team strive to not only deliver photographic, professional, and artistic excellence, but also to make the experience working with her as warm, personalized, and fun as it can be!

"I care deeply about the well being and happiness of my couples and clients.  This is why I believe it's so important for me to take the time to understand their needs and personalities, not only so I will know how to best create photos that speak uniquely to them and to their story, but also help make them feel (along with their friends and family) as relaxed and as at home as I possibly can.  I absolutely love shooting with them, and it means so much to me that they feel the same way about their photographic experience.

Because really, it should be fun :) !" 

Erin also loves teaching and assists for private photographic workshops, as well as volunteering and shooting for the wonderful folks at Make-A-Wish (for more info on how to volunteer, please click here!). She has trained at Art Center College of Design, Otis College of Art and Design, Santa Monica College, and UCLA, and holds a bachelor's degree in Fine Art.  She has been a professional wedding photographer and portrait photographer for 9 years.

When she is not shooting, she still loves painting, attempting to play the guitar and her trusty 'ukulele, dancing hula, and traveling as much as she possibly can.