#6 - Jump the Washington Monument! Preeti & Aman's Destination Wedding, Virginia

"Jumping Awkwardly In Front of Impressive Objects Until I'm 80"


"So. Although I don't take a lot of photos of people jumping, I started this collection a couple years back and am going to continue to do this until I'm 80 - so eventually there is going to be an 80-year-old woman jumping. 
Not sure why, but that never stopped me before anyways Lol!"

We traveled to Virginia to work with one of our awesome couples, Preeti & Aman - I absolutely love them, they're so cool :) . About an hour or so after we landed, we were welcomed with open arms at the mehndi, where we were treated to homemade Indian food :D (Omg totally one of our favorite kinds of food - other than traditional after-wedding ramen of course Lol)! It was soooo good - we felt super lucky!!


Preeti waiting for her mehndi to dry!

They're so cute, thank you so much again you guys!!

They're so cute, thank you so much again you guys!!

We then took advantage of arriving three days before the wedding to shoot some detail shots of Preeti's jewelry and the couple's wedding outfits!  From chatting with her I knew that she really loved nature and greenery, so I totally wanted to incorporate this theme into her photos as much as I could.  It just so happened that there was a very lush forest-y area in the back of her parents' home which turned out to be really fun to work with! This still is one of my favorite wedding jewelry series I've done to date - can I take the forest with me on all of my shoots Lol? I would really, really like that.

Thank you Adam, for all the cool shots of Aman's outfit too!

Thank you Adam, for all the cool shots of Aman's outfit too!


The next two days of shooting were so much fun as well.  We had a blast at both the Sangeet and on the Big Day, and were so grateful and honored to be a small part of this amazing celebration :) . 


Thank you so much again Preeti & Aman! You guys are the best, and many congratulations again!
~ e