Best Pen Ever!! :D

Who wouldn't want to write with a little tuna roll?? All we had to do to win you was to eat 15 plates of sushi LOL! 


My boyfriend took me to Kula Revolving Sushi Bar in Torrance, and I was very pleasantly impressed! Just the fact that I get to watch food revolve all around me pretty much makes it for me X) , but much of the sushi is quite tasty for the price (although our go-to in LA is still Sugarfish of course :), and there is also a really cool secondary conveyor belt: it's right alongside the regular one and delivers any made-to-order food right to your table! I want to go back and take a video of this, since right before your plate leaves the kitchen on the belt, you hear a "Ding-Dong!" doorbell sound lol! 

Cannot resist the cute!!
~ e